‘Anthony is by far the most accomplished and enjoyable lecturer that we have encountered over the years. His lectures on bronze sculpting, photography and the natural sciences were outstanding. He clearly has a passion for and extensive knowledge of a broad range of disciplines and his presentations are clear and concise. He is a true Renaissance man and we would happily select a cruise knowing that we could sail with him again.’

Linda Ujihara, Silversea Cruise Guest

‘Anthony is one of the most engaging lecturers we have had the pleasure to spend time with. As well as being a highly talented Bronze Sculptor, Anthony has the ability to make his lectures fun, insightful and personal as well as imparting a great deal of knowledge. I highly recommend him as both a presenter and a dinner companion!’

Caroline & Michael Foulger, Seabourn Ovation Guests, Atlantic Crossing

‘I have been on two Silversea Cruises on which Anthony Smith has been a Lecturer. His style of presentation is excellent, well-paced and very clear. His use of graphic material is special. He often uses his own photographic material. I think if you are looking for a well presented lecturer, he would make an excellent choice.’

Dr Bruce J Morris of the University of Sydney, Silversea Cruise Guest

‘Your lecture was a truly inspirational and heroic performance. You are most fortunate to ‘have the passion’ for your subject in spades, which makes all the difference. Many congratulations indeed and thank you for going to so much trouble to make it such a very special evening for all of us lucky enough to be present!’

David Fellowes, Director of the Winchester College Society, Winchester College

‘Anthony is an eloquent speaker, and his knowledge of our world is very engaging. Every lecture is very informative, entertaining, and motivating – I always look forward to when he is presenting.’

Renyl Ang, Silversea Cruise Guest

‘We met Anthony on a cruise from Panama to Lima. Not only did we enjoy his lectures very much but also enjoyed our discussions on the deck watching birds and blue whales! Above all he can explain well and create enthusiasm.’

Aad & Koos Breen, Silversea Guests, South America

‘Anthony is an excellent speaker, in addition to being an excellent photographer and people person, and his knowledge and enthusiasm for his subjects – photography, wildlife, Antarctica, sculpture and travel – came through loud and clear to all of us. His presence on a future cruise would be a very strong incentive for us to sign up and go along.’

Patricia L. Sullivan, Abercrombie & Kent Guests, Antarctic voyage

‘I had the pleasure of attending several presentations by Anthony Smith, the talented bronze sculptor, photographer and excellent storyteller. Anthony’s presentations are a true delight, as he seamlessly blends his love of art, history, and nature into a mesmerizing experience. If you’re looking for a captivating speaker who can inspire and educate – Anthony Smith is the one.’

Ewa Orankiewicz, Seabourn Ovation Guest

‘I learned so much listening to Anthony on historical subjects I did not even know I could be interested in. His information is delivered in such an easy-listening approachable way, that I have even been able to pass on some of what I retained in dinner conversations with friends. No question I would love to hear Anthony speak again. In fact, I may even plan a trip around it.’

Jeff Passmore, Seabourn Ovation Guest, Caribbean voyage

‘Anthony’s talk on biodiversity was absorbing, thought provoking and memorable. He showed a deliciously wry sense of humour when talking on photography.’

Michael & Vashti Waterhouse, Silversea Cruise Guests